Now that the weather in London is so much nicer and all the trees are blossoming, it’s all about spending time outside. Organising a fun afternoon in the sunshine seems like an obvious thing to do. London is such a diverse and dynamic city, and there is something for every mood and occasion. So much that sometimes we find it hard to sift through all the options.

When I’m searching for inspiration and places to visit in my favourite city, I normally look on Instagram first. However, the place we visited this time, I discovered by accident a few years ago. It was one of my first times visiting London back in my student days. I was traveling on a budget, so coaches back then were the only affordable option for me. I met my friends near Victoria coach station and right next to where they had parked, I saw this girly, blush pink cafe. It was like a fairy tale come to life.

A couple of weeks ago, while browsing on Instagram and Pinterest for some girly inspiration to match my new pink skirt, I stumbled upon the same pink cafe again! I could not hold my excitement and messaged my friend to meet up. Cake included, of course! You cannot go to Peggy Porschen without trying her award-winning treats. I highly recommend a slice of the strawberry and champagne one, with a side of macarons, if you too are a fan. A selection of Peggy’s own blend teas, inspired by flavours from her kitchen, is also available. We couldn’t get enough of the jasmine one, which had such a beautiful aroma.

Later that afternoon we went on a quest to find the most instagrammed pink door in the area. I’ve seen it scrolling through my Instagram feed a million times but I had no idea where exactly it was. I remember taking a screenshot of it on my phone but it wasn’t there anymore. That’s the problem with having no memory – you end up deleting important stuff. Luckily, everything’s online these days, if you are lucky enough to have battery on your phone of course.

After a long stroll down King’s Road in the sunshine and a few stops on the way (mainly at florist shops), we found ourselves on Oakley Street. We had to stop and admire the beauty for a while before continuing ahead. And just when I thought the afternoon could not get any better, we discovered a pink bridge at the end of the street. It lead to the beautiful Battersea Park where we spent the rest of our lovely afternoon.

I would love to know where you guys find inspiration and places to visit. Do you have any tips and different sources to Instagram and Pinterest?

The photos were taken on my Olympus Pen camera.

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I have to say I’ve never been much of a dress girl but if you open my wardrobe you wouldn’t believe me. There’s so many dresses that I have bought at some point and never had the chance to wear. And there’s the ones I picked as a last minute emergency option for some occasion and only worn once just because they’re not the type of dress I feel comfortable in.

And then there is THE dress – that one piece I can style with so many things in my wardrobe and looks equally cool with flat shoes as it does with heels. But let me tell you something, finding it ain’t easy! Maybe I haven’t discovered the secret behind it yet but I do have a few tips.


A printed dress has the potential to make a girl feel and look great. This floral print can instantly add a feminine touch but pair it with a leather jacket and you can certainly make a statement. The bright yellow tones in this dress lift my spirit and they’re perfectly balanced by the blue and green colours.


Considering your body type when choosing a dress is a must if you want to feel comfortable. Go for a shape that is flattering and doesn’t restrict you in any way. I chose this Zara dress because it was slightly oversized around the waist and the sleeves didn’t feel too tight.


Length is another important aspect to look at when choosing a dress. In this case I went for an over-the-knee length as that creates a long, leaner silhouette. Few inches shorter and I would be constantly worrying if my legs are too bare. If you’re tall you might wish to consider below-the-knee length because let’s put it that way – you can pull it off!

And last but not least, give some thought to the fabric. Is it something you can easily wear on a daily basis? I personally don’t feel comfortable with a see-through fabric just because I don’t really like the idea of being exposed unless I’m at the beach but I would still prefer a lightweight material.

Photos by Radana Hruba

Zara leather jacket | Zara floral print dress | Whistles heels | Zara chain bag