Hey loves!

I hope you got yourselves a cup of tea and you’re feeling cosy in your home right now.

This post is going to be a little different to what I usually write on here and a bit more personal. I’ll give you a little peek into my home and share some updates that have been keeping me busy lately.

My life has been a bit of a mess over the past couple of months. Sometimes things happen unexpectedly and a huge gray cloud just settles over your head and has no intention of moving away. If you have been following me along on Instagram, then you have definitely come across the issue that I’ve had. Our home was infested by bed bugs and for a few weeks I had no idea what I was dealing with.

I’m not going to go into much detail but I just want to mention how traumatising the whole experience is. Everyone who’s dealt with a similar issue, knows exactly what I’m talking about. So, instead of focusing on my work and social life, I have been a ball of stress and anxiety. I stopped going to the gym, I was barely eating anything, I didn’t want to see people and I was just generally exhausted. Enough about this. It’s time to move onto the positive updates.

One thing that has been keeping me occupied was making our little London home cosier for the winter months. It’s the first time I have my own little space and there are no parents around, so my imagination was running wild and free. When I first moved in with my friend Irina, the flat was very basic and lacked character and personality. I couldn’t really call it home,because it didn’t feel like that.

The flat is quite tiny. We literally have two bedrooms and a kitchen/living room. Storage is very limited and with two girls sharing one roof with over 50 pairs of shoes, organising it was going to prove a challenge. My mission was to make the most of the space we have and put everything in order. You know what they say – declutter your home and you’ll declutter your mind. Oh, I forgot to mention we had to do it on a budget, because let’s just be honest here, we spend half of our money on rent, so there’s not much left to play with.

Below you will find a few tips on how to decorate your space on a budget and little touches you can add to make it personal.

It’s all in the detail

Things like candles, rugs, books and cute storage boxes are really good examples. They can make a space feel cosy with zero effort. Below, you’ll find a little selection of things that I really like, to get you inspired but there’s so much more out there. Find things that demonstrate your personality and feel like you. I read somewhere that the best compliment someone can give your home is that it’s so YOU. Feeling at ease in your surroundings is so important.

Do it yourself

A bit of DIY never hurt nobody. You can buy £1 frames from a place like Poundland and frame leaves, just like in the pictures below. It doesn’t take much time or effort but creating something for your home with your own hands feels incredibly satisfying. I used to rip magazine editorials, cut them nicely and frame them. Again, if you’re on a budget, you have to think outside the box and be creative enough to work with what you already have. Need a new side table? Stack up all the magazines you have collected over the years and voila!


It is not secret that mirrors create the illusion of space. So, if you have a small home, using mirrors to create the feeling of extra space and attract light is a great idea. I bought this mirror for £5 from my local charity shop and it instantly lifted the look of my room. We have a small window in the living room and there’s not much light coming in. Especially in the winter months when days are significantly shorter. My idea is to get a couple of mirrors to reflect the outside light and brighten up the space. But that’s still in the works.

Signature scent

Just like us human beings, every home should have a signature scent. The one thing people notice when they first walk through our front door is how nice the place smells. From my background in fragrance, I’ve learned that scent is a powerful tool in creating memories. You have probably noticed that lot of stores on the high street use a unique fragrance to be easily recognised by customers. Well, if you want to have people coming back to your place and having good memories related to it, then make sure it smells nice. There are various really affordable ways to do that. Scented candles, diffusers, room sprays, automatic sprays and plug-in air fresheners are all good examples.

Regular cleaning

This should really go without mentioning. The truth is we have such busy lifestyles that sometimes we don’t have enough time to clean thoroughly. Regular cleaning has such a huge impact on both the atmosphere in our homes and our mood too. And getting a professional cleaner in once or twice a month can make a huge difference. And you’d be surprised at how affordable it can be.

If you live in London and are looking for cleaning services, then you should definitely check Fantastic Services out. They’re really professional and friendly, and they offer a range of services, from house cleaning to gardening,to pest control. You name it! They were extremely helpful in dealing with the bed bugs in my flat. The team has already been here twice to treat the place against the intruders.

You can use this link https://accounts.fantasticservices.com/referral/mihaelanedeva? and get £10 off your first booking.

It can be used on any service and what better time to freshen up your home, than just before Christmas?

Hope you all enjoy the festive season and all the activities you have planned. I’ll be going away next week to spend Christmas with my family in Worcester. And then flying to Bulgaria just before New Year’s Eve to celebrate it there with my friends.

See you in the new year!

Michelle x


*This post is part of a sponsored partnership with Fantastic Services but all opinions are my own.

With nearly three quarters of this year under way and Halloween, Christmas and NYE fast approaching, I decided it’s time to sit down and make a plan for the remaining months of 2017. That way I can make the most out of the end of what has been a rollercoaster year. And yes, you read that correctly. Christmas is on its way but don’t panic just yet. Liberty have already opened their Christmas shop, so you can start planning and buying everyone’s presents early to avoid the craziness of last minute shopping. Trust me, it’s not worth the stress, I’ve been there.  Anyway, I thought I’ll create this post, so you know what to expect and also to remind myself what I’m planning on getting up to.

London Fashion Week

The first time I went to fashion week was in 2013 and I was still a student, so imagine the excitement. The season after, I got backstage passes and filmed all the action for my final year project at uni. Don’t ask me how I did it. I literally had to email every single person involved and to hear NO about a hundred times but I got there in the end. So naturally, I relate fashion week to a lot of stress as well as excitement. At this point I’m a bit tired of running around and I’m trying to enjoy the events around fashion week as much as I can. That means mostly from the comfort of my own home but the plan is to get to the venue for a couple of shows and presentations. I’m also curious to check the designer showrooms and vlog some of the action.

Establish a blog aesthetic

I started this blog at the beginning of the year and my plan was to get as much varied content on the topics of beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travels. It has been a period of adjustment. Now that I sort of got things cracking, I feel like it’s time for me to establish a brand and aesthetic for this baby blog of mine. Which isn’t necessarily an easy thing. I find myself looking at other blogs and trying to go down paths that have been long established. Then I realise, this is not me. Sometimes I want things to happen the easy way like “That’s going to be my logo, here’s what my business cards will look like, I want to shoot with this particular photographer because I saw another blogger working with them and the photos looked great.” But that’s not always how things turn out. So instead of trying too hard to fit in and make myself look like this blogger or that blogger, I look at those girls who are different and I ask myself what is it about this person that I like and how can I translate it into my own vision without stealing someone’s intellectual property.

Focus on quality

I’m planning to focus on the quality of work I produce rather than the quantity for two reasons. First, I want to keep my content as authentic and relatable as I possibly can. Second, I’ve never seen myself as one of those bloggers who post every day. Not because I have nothing to say. Trust me, there’s folders and folders of work on my laptop waiting to be edited and published but there’s a right moment for every single piece. Better quality content also means better photographer. I started working with Becky, who studied fashion photography and is also a wedding photographer and loves it. We shot a look on Sunday which I will publish sometime this week and you’ll be seeing more of her work on the blog in the near future. You can also check her Facebook in the meantime.


I feel like I didn’t do enough travelling this year even though I’ve been to a few places. I wanted to explore a more exotic destination so we’re currently looking at the options and hopefully I’ll have some sort of idea in the next couple of weeks. If that doesn’t happen by the end of this year, there’s plenty of nice places in Europe that I still haven’t visited. If you want to recommend a place that is still warm in October and is within a 3-4 hour flight from the UK, you’re more than welcome. There’s a post coming soon on how to save on travelling so you can either travel more or have more spending money when you’re on a trip. Stay tuned!

Making my room cosy for the new season

In preparation for the season ahead, I decided to give my room a little makeover. As you probably know already, pink is my favourite colour. A little pink can go a loooong way – it brightens up a space, it’s uplifting and it’s super calming, which is ideal for a bedroom. There is still some bits and pieces that I need to add, so this will be work in progress for the next month or so. Whilst I was shopping and redecorating my room, I stumbled upon items that I didn’t necessarily need until I saw them. Examples include this pink faux fur rug which is incredibly soft and this pineapple that I’m just obsessed with. If you too are looking to give your room an update, I’ve linked some options below so you can have a browse and fall in love. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.



“Is it spring yet? Can I take my coat off? Maybe not just yet… Oh, I’ll take it off, I’m feeling too hot! Oh, no, it started raining again?!?”

I mean, literally, this weather has been more than confusing in the past month and understandably so. It’s March after all. But let’s face it – one sunny day a week doesn’t supply a sufficient amount of vitamin D to get us through the transitioning spring season. It’s been such a long winter in the UK and I really feel like I need to spend more time walking, getting more fresh air and making the most out of every opportunity to be outdoors. But when the weather is changing by the hour, I find it hard to decide what to wear and where to go.

I had my eye on this place for a while. After discovering it on the DOJO app, I naturally stalked it on insta and before I knew it, I was hooked. I met my lovely friend in the early hours of the afternoon and we had a nice walk before spending the next two hours in the absolute heaven that is Bourne and Hollingsworth. I must say we’re spoiled for choice here in London and there is far too many beautiful and quirky places that are worth a visit but this place got me obsessed with the interiors the moment I walked in.

The space is so bright, airy and full of light, thanks to the huge windows and high ceilings. The sun was lending a helping hand and the place was very well lit. Apart from a small birthday celebration in the greenhouse area, we were more or less the only people there, which of course was perfect for taking out my new Olympus camera and getting some snaps of the interior.

One of the highlights for me was the gorgeous velvet sofa in green which adds a sophisticated touch but makes for a quirky little snug area. A good amount of plants hung from the high ceilings, create quite an impact and the floral prints on the sofas add a botanical feeling throughout the entire space.

My friend’s partner is a chef and, as you can imagine, she is not easily impressed and can be very picky with her food. But all she kept saying was how delicious the food is and how everything was cooked to perfection. And my inner foodie couldn’t agree more. The staff kindly accommodated all our requests and they didn’t mind us being all over the place with our camera at all.