When the colder months are upon us and everything suddenly turns grey, including our wardrobes, a pop of colour is like a breath of fresh air. From eye-catching statement shoes in bold red to jumpers and jackets in mustard, this season is all about standing out from the crowd. As much as I like wearing black and I’ll only change that if a darker colour comes into existence, I’m trying to avoid falling in this winter colour scheme trap. Investing in pieces in bold colours that I can elevate my simple looks with has become a staple of mine this season.

When it comes to dressing for autumn, I want to feel at my most comfortable but still look like I’ve made an effort. As soon as I saw this jacket in Primark (YES, Primark!) I knew it was going to give my wardrobe the much-needed update. This mustard jacket is super lightweight and the soft fabric makes it really easy to wear. It’s the perfect transitional piece for days when you’re too warm to have a jacket on but too cold to take it off.

Transitional wardrobe is great because you can still wear your beloved clothes from the previous season and simply add a knit or a cute jacket to give it an autumn vibe. For example I wore this mustard jacket over the dress from this post and it perfectly complemented it, without being too much. Another great thing about this style jacket is that you can dress it up or down by simply changing trainers to a pair of black suede heels. Either way it makes a statement. My best tip here is to keep the look really simple, basic tee and denim. A jacket this good has to be the main dish, no distractions!

Thanks to the amazing Becky Winter Photography for capturing this look

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These early days of autumn are some of the most unpredictable when it comes to the weather forecast. It’s all too common to have a beautiful sunny day and then heavy rainfall the next. Sometimes the two even happen in the same day and if you’re not lucky at all within the space of an hour. That’s when planning your outfits becomes a daunting task. To be able to make the right sartorial choices when it comes to mastering the transitional wardrobe, it’s important to have an arsenal of items in your closet that layer easily.

I’m still reluctant to buy knitwear at this stage and when I hear people talking about Teddy coats and chunky cardigans, I just cringe at the thought. Nothing compares to a leather jacket when it comes to transitional wardrobe. It’s so easy to throw on when it feels chilly and it looks good with almost anything from dresses to leggings! If you haven’t invested in one yet, you can find my top leather jacket hits here

As a Mediterranean girl who is used to a much warmer climate (yes, even in September) I refuse to let summer go at this stage. No matter how cold I feel, I still opt out for a dress instead of jeans 98% of the time. Instead of investing in heavy knits for the colder months, I’m trying to make the transition from one season to another, a slightly less painful one. By that I mean, I’m stocking up on long sleeve dresses like this ASOS one I’m wearing here. These can be easily paired with cut out boots like these Balenciaga babies or block heel ankle boots. I’m saving the latter for when it gets really cold.

Speaking of cut out boots, they’re the perfect item for a transitional wardrobe. You’re probably not warm enough to wear sandals right about now, but it’s not quite cold enough to rock your ankle boots just yet. Compromising with a pair of cut out boots can actually make the adjustment to the new season very exciting. You can shop some of my favourite affordable options here.