Apart from being the month of love, February is also my birthday month. So we kickstarted it with a short holiday in Tenerife where we stayed with friends for a few days. We’ve also planned another trip (a road trip!!!) to Amsterdam. So as much as I was excited to swap cold rainy London for the beautiful Canary Islands, I’m somehow more enthusiastic about our next Amsterdam adventure.

Tenerife was fantastic and we managed to do quite a few exciting things, including a trip to the Volcano and a few local villages, where we ate at a traditional Guachinche. We also spent a couple of days at the beach and visited the capital city of Santa Cruz.

We have visited Fuerteventura before, which is also part of Canary Islands and it’s famous for its white sandy beaches but Tenerife is a lot more vibrant and dynamic, and was definitely a love at first sight, because of the beautiful nature and the energy it radiates. And with the blue skies and great weather all year round, it’s hard to take a bad photo here!


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