This blog post is in paid partnership with TK Maxx but all opinions are my own. 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year aka time to switch from regular everyday anxiety to festive Christmas anxiety. Or maybe not! This Christmas (and every other before that) I’ve been choosing TK Maxx for all my gifts. The experience is always stress-free and the range of products on offer is simply mind blowing. And because gifting different is as important to me as are great value gifts, I know that TK Maxx is the place to shop for big labels, small prices and ridiculous possibilities that are not to be missed out. 

TK Maxx has something for everyone and if you want a smooth shopping experience like mine, as well as great gifts under £50, then make sure you head in store or online at now, because great product doesn’t hang around for too long. Below, I’m talking about some of the great gifts I got from TK Maxx and the amazing shopping experience I had. 

As you can imagine the first weekend of December is when stores start to get busy with frantic shoppers, making last minute purchases and ticking off gifts on their lists. I had no idea what I wanted when I first arrived in store but I trusted that TK Maxx will inspire me and offer a variety that no other place does. And I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Even with the shop being as busy as it can get, all the Christmas gifts were displayed and organised in a perfect way, making it easier for a clueless person like me to find the best presents. Read on to find out what I got.

The gift of comfort

I had a £50 voucher and my aim was to get as many wonderful gifts as possible. I wanted to get my mum something that she can use on a regular basis, rather than a gift that just sits on a shelf or in a cupboard. And I found the perfect one! 100% cotton duvet cover set in white, so she can feel like she is sleeping on a cloud. The price was only £24.99, which is great value considering the quality.

The gift of cosiness

I decided that slipping into extra comfort on a daily basis would be ideal for my stepdad, which is why I picked a super soft pair of slippers as his present. With plush lining for extra comfort and memory foam insoles that provide superior cushion in every step, I knew this would be the ideal gift for him. And with a price tag of £9.99 how can you possibly go wrong? The original price was £39.99, so that’s a huge saving of £30, that I can spend on some other gifts. Or why not put towards my next trip?

The gift of a beautifully scented home

I always get a scented candle for my flatmate Irina. She loves them and I love them too. The good thing is, when I buy one for her, I benefit from it too! With TK Maxx’s range of stunning designer candles, reed diffusers and lanterns it’s easy to achieve a beautifully scented home. Most of the candles come in beautiful packaging and stunning jars, that can be used for other purposes, once the candle is burned. For example, Irina loves makeup, and so the jar would be perfect for her to store all her makeup brushes.

All of these gifts came to less than £50 and I even managed to get some Christmas wrapping paper to round up the value of my purchase. With most of my presents now sorted and wrapped, I can put my feet up and relax with a cuppa. Have I convinced you that TK Maxx is the best place to get all your Christmas presents?  


This blog post is in paid partnership with TK Maxx but all opinions are my own. 

I posted a photo on my Instagram yesterday and got asked how do I find locations for my outfit shoots. It’s been a while since I wrote my last note on here but I honestly miss writing so much. So I thought why not share a few tips and tricks with you, to help you find those dream Instagram-worthy locations. Even the ones that nobody else has discovered yet (just like the one in this post).

Since Instagram is such a hot topic and locations are probably the most important aspect of an Instagram shot, many of you are probably wondering how to find the best ones. Other than seeing the exact location tagged in a photo or using popular landmarks as backdrops, there’s a number of other methods I use to discover shooting locations.

Seasonal Content

Many places in London (not only!) are now just as involved in Instagram as we are. It’s a two way relationship. They provide us with the dreamiest backdrops. In return, we provide the content that makes people visit these places. Most places now have a seasonal makeover, depending on the approaching holidays. My advice is to keep an eye on places that update their decor every season and be the first one to go there, so you can set the trend. Some good examples would be Annabel’s Mayfair, The Ivy Chelsea Garden, Peggy Porschen, etc. You can also follow pages like @prettycitylondon and @prettylittlelondon as they’re usually the first to post about these. Kelsey from CGG has put together a document with all the Christmas/festive locations in London and I highly recommend you to check it out here.

Go with the flow

My usual approach to finding a good location is to just go with the flow. I would often meet someone in an Instagram-friendly area and we would just explore and find the best corners to use depending on the outfits that we have. Apart from the struggle of finding where to change, this is quite a good way of discovering under-the-radar locations, that you won’t see in everyone’s photos on Instagram. If you like standing out from the crowd and you’re quite creative (can make something out of nothing) this is perfect for you.

Explore a new area

Pick an area that you haven’t been to before. Or perhaps one that you like but don’t necessarily go to when you want to shoot outfits. A change of scenery is always inspiring. Think of it as going to a new city. When you’re on holiday, it’s so much easier to spot a good location, because you appreciate the new surroundings. It’s the same with exploring a different area, minus the 3 hour flight time.

Marylebone and Mayfair are quite good areas with cute locations in close proximity to each other. Hampstead is another favourite of mine. I recently went to Marylebone and found so many cute spots to shoot just on one single street. Obviously, if you have more time, it’s good to explore and walk around. If you find yourself walking through an area on your way back from work, take photos of specific locations that you find cute. I also take photos of the name of the street they’re on, so I can go back later.

Go further

On Saturday, I was invited to 601 Queens Rd in Wimbledon for a brunch. Very Instagrammable location by the way and perfect for those cold winter days when it’s raining outside. You can get plenty of content shot there because that place is an interior heaven. Wimbledon is an hour away from where I live and it’s literally on the opposite side on London but I wanted to get a break from the usual spots in London and explore some different locations.

I went there a little unprepared and had about 15 min to explore the area around the station. The area didn’t seem very inviting at first. A quick search for Wimbledon on Instagram to look through the photos that other people have taken. Followed by a Google map search to see what’s around me. Google maps, helped me find out that Wimbledon Village is a short walk away. And thanks to my Instragram search, I found the prettiest house covered in leaves in the perfect autumnal hues. It took us a while finding the exact location, but Shelley went onto a website and found the exact location of the house but I’m sure you can Google it if you know the name of the house. Hint: If it’s a big one it usually has a special name and you’ll be able to spot it on the pictures.


What are your favourite ways of scouting shooting locations? Comment below or come over and say hi on Instagram and share your answers. I would love to talk to you.

Michelle x


I wrote an entire post about my confidence journey, which unfinished was just under a 1000 words. Before going ahead to publish it I realised this isn’t about me. Yes, I’d like to share what helped me gain confidence in myself in recent years. But I want this to be focused on you.

First of all let me start by saying that confidence is not something you’re born with. It’s something you have to work really hard on. Confidence takes years to build but it can also be knocked in a minute. The worst thing is that we grow up thinking our own confidence depends on somebody else.

Celebrating confidence

I asked people on Instagram yesterday what the coolest trait of their character is and a lot of them got back to me saying “oh it’s not up to me to say that” or “it’s hard to answer questions about my own character.” It really shouldn’t be. After all you know yourself better than anyone else does. Why are we scared to sound “too big headed” and celebrate what we’re good at? Of course there’s a fine line between what you think you’re good at and what you’re actually good at. But I think as sensible human beings, we can tell the difference. I encourage you to think of at least one thing that you’re great at right now. Even if that’s being positive or opening the door for other people. What’s not great about that? Right it down “I’m great at ..making pancakes!” and stick it on your mirror.

Back to my little Instagram experiment. Of course, the ones that were brave enough to consider themselves “funny” or had a “good taste in music” were the ones that stood out to me. So I decided to celebrate them on my Insta stories and share their cool traits with other people. Think about it. There is International Friendship Day, International Lipstick Day, International Women’s Day. But if you google International Confidence Day nothing comes up. Why isn’t that a thing?

Stop comparing yourself to others

At this point you probably want to read a bit of practical advice on building your confidence. I’ll start by sharing how far I’ve come on my journey. Not because I want to brag. I know I’ve come a long way from being a shy International student at university who barely spoke to her fellow students over the course of her degree (three years to be precise). To become someone who considers herself confident enough to give other people advice on confidence (okay hun, you can chill now, you’re not really an expert).

Being the person in between those two stages, I learned one really important thing. Comparing yourself to others is not going to take you anywhere. Sadly, it’s part of our nature to unfairly weigh ourselves against other people and we fail to look at the bigger picture. More often than not, we compare ourselves to people who are in a different stage of their life to us. Or we take the strengths of another person and compare them to our weaknesses. It doesn’t sound fair, right? My advice is to focus on building yourself as an individual and go at your own pace. This is not a race. Forget about others. This is about you. If you nurture your soul, take care of your body and seek experiences that lift your spirit, chances are you’re going to feel better almost instantly. Have you noticed that none of these require the presence of others?

Focus on your journey

Going back to what I said earlier, your confidence has nothing to do with other people. If you focus on improving yourself and becoming the person you want to be, the right people will come into your life eventually. Find something you’re good at and focus on improving yourself in that area. You can run steady on a treadmill for a long time. Babe, it’s time to go out and practice. Sign up for your first marathon and smash it. Completing that will give you a huge boost of confidence. When I first moved to London and started working, I realised that I was really good at communicating with other people and it was also something I enjoyed. I was far from confident at it but I had to push myself out of my comfort zone from time to time. I focused on improving my communication skills, both verbal and written. Every time I had a positive feedback my confidence grew a little.

Here’s a little story because I get asked this a lot. When Instagram first launched stories I was terrified about speaking in front of the camera. I thought people would judge me. My accent is not perfect. My hair looks flat. What if I say something stupid? I joined #Vlogtober which encouraged me to post a story of me talking about anything and everything each day in October. My first time was nerve-racking and I felt like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders after that. Okay, I skipped a couple of days but the majority of time I just stuck to it. Even if I didn’t feel like it, I just forced myself. After October passed, I felt like I’ve come such a long way and didn’t want to waste it, so I continued.

And that brings us to date. I’m not shy about showing my personality or being silly because that’s who I am and that’s what people connect with. And here’s a thing about accents. People love them because it makes them curious. I always saw it as a negative thing but it actually depends on the way you look at it. Watching myself talk on camera has also helped me improve the way I talk and that in return boosted my confidence too. If you want to start but don’t know where,  here is a little tip. Just record yourself and save the video into your camera roll. Re-watch it later and record another one until you get used to it and when you have the perfect one just post it.

Remember that confidence is a journey. Don’t expect to wake up tomorrow and feel like you had some confidence injected into your system. Give yourself time and be patient but also don’t settle. Don’t ever think that maybe you’re just not as confident as the person next to you. You can be and it all depends on you.


London is a pretty place. In summer though, London is beyond beautiful and the opportunities for having a great time are endless. I’ve decided to share with you my favourite things to do with my friends when the London weather is treating us well.

Outdoor swimming

I lived in the UK for 5 years before realising that open-air swimming is a thing here. I never thought lidos existed in London land, simply because we rarely get a proper summer, like the one we’re currently experiencing. A couple of years ago, I came back from holiday and the weather back here was unbelievably hot. Like, I actually genuinely could not believe how hot it was! So, off I went on a quest to find a solution to deal with the heat, after realising that copious amounts of ice lollies were clearly not resolving the issue. I went to Parliament Hill Lido for the first time, expecting a tiny puddle. But these guys are taking outdoor swimming seriously. They even have palm trees and a cafe that sells delicious food, drinks and all the yummy ice cream to cool you off. Pack your and your bestie’s bags and head to Costa del Gospel Oak for a refreshing day by the pool.

Open-air cinema

An outdoor cinema is like the coolest thing to do on a summer evening, ever! Enjoying a cider or two and having a laugh whilst watching your favourite comedy could be such a relaxing thing to do. Who wants to be stuck indoors watching a movie, when the weather is this good outside? The Luna cinema has various locations in really cool spots across London, including Kenwood House which one of my favourite places in Hampstead Heath (also good for picnics). Check out their website for info and screenings.

Afternoon tea at The Den Summer Terrace

Whether you enjoy a traditional afternoon tea complete with delicious treats on the side or seek to soak up the sun with a Bacardi cocktail in hand, The Den Terrace is the perfect tropical oasis to escape to in the heart of Covent Garden. Their afternoon tea includes savoury and sweet bites, and of course classic warm scones. These treats can be enjoyed with a glass of champagne, G&T or a rum cocktail in hand. I’ve tried all the options (ooops..) and I’m currently struggling to pick a favourite. The terrace itself is beautifully decorated with an arch of fern foliage as the focal point, alongside an array of greenery from flower pots to mini cacti on the tables. The surrounding will definitely make you feel as if you have left Covent Garden and entered the tropics. Oh, did I mention it’s the perfect place for pictures as the light is very subtle. And trust me, you’d definitely want to take a picture of those treats. Even the porcelain Ted Baker sets are too cute not to be captured. Book here.

I’d love to know what are some of your favourite summer activities? I’m sure there’s something I haven’t tried yet and I’m always up for new experiences.

Michelle x


*This post is in partnership with St Martins Lane and The Den Terrace, however all opinions are my own.

“So how did you get into blogging?” is a question that pops up every time I meet someone new and they ask me what I do. I’m writing this blog post so I can share the link with them when we get to that point in the conversation.  Just kidding! I thought you guys might want to find out too. And since you’re already reading this, then most likely you do.

Early Years

I didn’t just wake up one day with the idea of having a blog. My fascination with fashion started way back when I was a little girl in pre-school. I wanted to be a fashion designer and my parents signed me up for this course. There I was a young Maria Grazia Chiuri in the making. I was into couture as most of my ‘designs’ were glamorous dresses fit for a red carpet event. Oh, I wish I could find these sketches now. My father is an artist so I definitely had potential. But as you can imagine my ambition didn’t last very long.

Studying Journalism at University

Fast forward to 2011 when I moved to the UK to study journalism at university. Apart from writing, I explored photography during my first year. I even learned how to process a film in the darkroom which maybe doesn’t sound so impressive right now but if you’re reading this in 2028.. What is even a darkroom? In my second year I focused a lot more on fashion magazines and obviously working at Vogue became the ultimate goal. I did an internship at a small independent magazine where I got involved in the entire creative process. From photography, to writing, to layout and design. Following that internship, I managed to create an entire magazine by myself in my final year. I would have certainly done things differently with that magazine now but if you really want to see it, I can show it to you upon request.

At the beginning of my second year, I was asked to create my very first blog on WordPress. I honestly hated it and had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Of course I left everything until the very last minute and I was far from impressed with the final result. Later that year, I went to my first fashion week and it seemed like the perfect time to start fresh. So I gave blogging another go. The whole purpose of that blog was unclear at the time. I looked at it as a creative outlet, where I could practice my writing skills, share insights from my journalism course and the fashion events I was attending at the time. There was no clear direction, so the blog itself didn’t last very long.

In my final year, I was writing my dissertation on fashion magazines in the digital age. At the time everyone was questioning the future of fashion publications and whether people are still interested in flicking through a magazine that consists of 80% advertising. I compared actual magazines to their websites and mobile versions. Thinking about how much has changed in the course of the 4 years since I graduated is just insane! That was the first time I came across case studies on blogs and realised the huge potential they had but there was still a sense of uncertainty in the air. The journalism industry was portraying bloggers as this uneducated and uninformed bunch of people who had no clue what they were doing.

Life after graduating

By the time I graduated I knew I wanted to have a blog but I felt like monetising it would be hard. I had no access to the amount of information that’s available out there now. As soon as I graduated, I moved to London and started looking for an internship at a magazine or a job as a writer but I got a job in retail instead. That was very exciting at first. I got to communicate with a lot of people and felt like I was doing something significant. As a creative person I was constantly exploring different aspects of that retail business and even got involved with social media. However, I still needed an outlet to express my individuality and I felt like starting a blog would be the best thing to do.

There was a clear vision in my head, but I was lacking the confidence, the time and the resources to make it happen. I couldn’t commit to writing a 600 word blog post, 2 or 3 times a week. That’s a struggle even now when I don’t work full-time. Who was going to take my pictures? I didn’t even have a camera. Instagram at the time was gaining a huge popularity with people sharing their outfits and style. It was the easiest way to get started without having to invest a huge amount of time. My audience started growing slowly and I kept saying to myself that once I reach a certain amount of followers, I’d start a blog. The truth is I was just making excuses but I always kept it in the back of my mind.

Making baby steps

It took me months if not a year to make that first step. I launched Note by Michelle on the 1st of January 2017. Wrote 3 entire blog posts the same month, another one in February and I had my first collaboration in March. In April, I got my Olympus PEN Epl-7 which is the camera I’m still using for some of my photos today. I shoot a lot on iPhone and sometimes with a DSLR. The following months were very quiet as I was trying to figure my life out. I took some time off to travel and had a fresh start in September. That’s when things really changed for me and I started collaborating with brands and earning some money. It’s not been an easy journey but I wouldn’t change a single thing about it.

I rarely write blog posts these days but I’d love to get back into writing. That’s why I got into blogging in the first place. If you enjoy reading my posts, please comment , share and show your support. I appreciate any feedback, good or bad. It’s the only way I know if you like what I do.

Michelle x

The dress I’m wearing in this post is NA-KD and you can get 20% off on their website with code Mihaela20.

*This post contains affiliate links